Fabrik Madrid Nightclub – Find Out Why People Love This Place!

Fabrik nightclub in Madrid needs no introduction when it comes to the best nightclubs in all through Spain with a capacity of 10,000 guests. Fabrik nightclub is situated near the outskirts of Madrid. Fabrik offers the largest techno, house, and trance of nightlife in the city of Madrid.

Along with great indoor space, you can enjoy spending some time on the outdoor terrace as well. There are six video projection screens which make are highly appealing for the guests. There is triple-decker stage so there is always a plenty of room for the passionate dancers. Since it is situated at the outskirts, the music is pretty loud.

The people who have visited Fabrik nightclub love it and always have positive recommendation for it. Here I have gathered a few reviews about Fabrik nightclub. Let’s see what they have to say about Fabrik.

Reviews about Fabrik
The place is nice, large, air-conditioned with terrace and wide track. I've only been once (I'm from Bilbao) in September and it was fine. The space is multipurpose, so it can have different parties depending on the kind of party that you find it suitable for.

Kokelino, Bilbao
Farik offer good music and good atmosphere! I love this place and have visited twice so far. It is one of the areas with better facilities throughout Spain, has an extensive program of festivals.

Fabrik has always been a spectacular site for me that has always been the ultimate in terms of comfort and innovations in lights, screens and elements that make most striking their sessions. There have the best DJs in the world.

Jorge, Leganes, Spain
Electronic music club located on the outskirts of Madrid, it is in an industrial estate and you have to take the bus or walk from the rail station or subway. It is very large with plenty of space, many bars, a good plan for customer loyalty, and music and lighting are quite well.

Penelope, Madrid
I will summarize my experience. I first visited Fabrik in 2010 and have visited many times since. The room is good, big track, pretty decent lighting, sound and staging.I

Angela, Badajoz
For me, Fabrik is one of the best nightclubs I have ever set foot, with excellent sound quality, and where the renowned artists perform on electronic music. It has several ballrooms, as well as smoking area, sitting area, multiple bathrooms, VIP area, terrace and delicious food.

Elena, Madrid
These reviews recommend you to visit Fabrik Madrid for enjoying your nightlife in Madrid.